Sports Injuries

Knowing, Skilled & Gentle Chiropractic Care For All Ages

Get Back in the Game With a Sports Injury Chiropractor

When you play professional or recreational sports, you run the risk of injury. Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc cares for a number of sports injuries that keep you off your game.

Instead of spending lots of time and money on major surgeries or procedures, come to us for proper chiropractic treatments. We will help you stay active so your body remains in great shape.

Defeat Acute Sports Injuries With Ease

Acute sports injuries may cause pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and legs. Recovering from acute sports injuries is a whole lot easier when you visit Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc for treatment.

Get relief for your pain through treatment at our locally owned practice. You will be back in the game in no time.

Focused Chiropractic Care for Chronic Issues

It is possible to sustain an injury while participating in any sport or activity. Chronic conditions may last longer than 6 months. When this happens, your joints deteriorate and require chiropractic care to fix.

Resolve the wear and tear to your joints with focused chiropractic treatments from Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc. Enjoy complimentary coffee, drinks, and snacks when you visit us at 1212 Stubbs Ave.

Our practice has been identifying and treating sports injuries for patients for more than 55 years. We're also associated with the LA Chiropractic Association.
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Top-Notch Physical Therapy Treatments

Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc offers quality treatments for all kinds of sports injuries. Choose us for top-tier physical therapy treatments that will help your strained and sore muscles to heal:
  • Stretching
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Ortho-stimulation
  • Activator therapy
Rehabilitative services are also available for athletes of all ages.
Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss treatment options for your injury.

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