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Reliable Massage Therapy

No one deserves to live their life in pain. That is why Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc provides great massage therapy services. Regain control of your life with our help!

Give your body relief with massage therapy from our experienced staff. Rely on our chiropractors and massage therapists to create a useful treatment plan that deals with your personal condition if an effective manner.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, an injury from an accident, or a muscle that is strained or injured, let our licensed and certified massage therapist administer a treatment that targets your specific trouble areas. Your pain and discomfort will be alleviated quickly.

Meet with us for a FREE massage therapy consultation when you come to 1212 Stubbs Ave. You will be happy to know that our center offers FREE Wi-Fi as well as complimentarycoffee, drinks, and snacks.

Amazing Therapeutic Massage Benefits

  1. Alleviate lower back and neck pain
  2. Enhance immunity
  3. Exercise and stretch weak or tight muscles
  4. Improve your skin
  5. Increase joint flexibility
  6. Lessen depression or anxiety
  7. Promote range of motion
A therapeutic massage offers many benefits and can relieve your pain and discomfort by relaxing muscles that are overused and strained. You're sure to feel the difference!

You will even experience reduced stress and pain as each muscle group is massaged.
Schedule a FREE consultation for massage therapy.

Call 318-325-6685.
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