Auto & Work Injuries

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Hire a Trusted Auto and Work Injury Chiropractor

If you have been injured on the job or in a car accident, turn to the professionals at Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc for reliable chiropractic treatments.

In practice since 1959, our local and family-owned practice strives to give you the best care possible. We also work with most insurance companies and handle all the paperwork on your behalf. Other types of financial assistance are available as well.

Request a FREE consultation to meet with one of our chiropractors so that you can learn more about our chiropractic options. Call us at 318-325-6685.

Effective Treatments for Auto Accident Injuries

Are you tired of suffering from your auto accident injuries? You will be relieved to know that Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc offers chiropractic treatments that will give you natural, drug-free relief.

Whiplash, which causes neck and back pain, is one of the most common car accident injuries. Luckily, chiropractic care serves as an effective remedy.

If you don't get proper treatment for your auto accident injuries, you may risk long-term complications. Do yourself a favor and receive chiropractic treatment at Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc right away.

Helping You Through Your Work Injury

If you have endured an injury, illness, or permanent disability while on the job, Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc is here to help. Let our chiropractors perform treatments that will ease your suffering.

Rely on us to work with your insurance company and handle all the paperwork on your behalf. Financial assistance is also available for your peace of mind. You won't find a company that will work harder for you than Monroe Chiropractic Clinic Inc.
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Common Injuries We Treat

  1. Fall from a ladder or scaffolding
  2. Repetitive motion injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  3. Accident caused by faulty or poorly maintained equipment
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Possible Entitlements for Injured Workers

Work accidents and injuries are all too common. We have seen how work injuries can negatively impact a person's physical, psychological, and financial well-being.

That is why we recommend you get in touch with a reputable law firm that is built on honesty, grit, compassion and has unmatched attorney experience. With their help, no one will be able to take advantage of you.

As an injured worker, you may be entitled to:
  • Benefits to cover a specific loss, like a limb or the ability to use it
  • Coverage for engaging in certain physical or vocational rehabilitation programs
  • Fair medical expenses for treating your injury or illness
  • Lost wages for missed work
  • Payment for a serious disfigurement or scars
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